Wrocław – a city of culture, science and sport

Wrocław - a city of culture, science and sport

Wrocław as one of the oldest Polish cities is very popular both  among Poles and foreigners. The visitors to Wrocław emphasize that it is one of the nicest, most charming cities in Poland. The center of culture, art and science. In this town situated at the foot of the Sudetes and by the Oder River, you will discover 12 islands and over a hundred bridges. Moreover, in this city of culture will find five theaters, opera, philharmonic hall, and numerous clubs, museums and galleries.  International music festivals such as the International Festival „Wratislavia Cantans” – Music and  Art became a showpiece of  the city.  Wrocław is also the host of the following festivals:  the „Jazz on the Oder” Festival, Dni Muzyki Starych Mistrzów (Music Days of Old Masters), The Stage Song Contest, Międzynarodowe Zaduszki Jazzowe (International Jazz All Souls Day), Meetings of One Actor Theatres in Wrocław, International Dialog-Wrocław Festival. What is worth a look? Wrocław is first of all a mixture of architectural styles. Ostrów Tumski (Cathedral Island), where one of the most beautiful European religious architecture complexes remains, as well as the City Hall, which is certainly one of the finest Gothic buildings in central Europe, remind us of the Early Middle Ages. Aula Leopoldina (Leopoldina Hall) located in the building of the University, is one of the largest and most magnificent baroque interiors in Poland. Racławice Panorama is among the sights which cannot be overlooked  by any of the visiting Guests. It is a gigantic rotunda where  the panoramic painting depicting the Battle of Racławice in 1794 is located. The city is one of the largest university centers in the country. We can find here 13 schools of higher education with the university and the university of technology at the top of the list. What is more, Wrocław is also a major transportation hub as three international routes that connect Eastern and Western Europe run through the city. Besides a rich history, it should be noted that Wrocław is also a very green city. In the city center you can take a stroll through the Szczytnicki Park, in which the original the Japanese Garden can be found. The Botanical Garden is also a great place with the largest cactus patch in Poland. For animal lovers we recommend the Zoological Garden, founded in 1865 while sports lovers will find in Wrocław numerous sports and  recreation facilities for practicing both  competitive and amateur sports. The city is undoubtedly the water sports and river tourism center as well as an important landmark on the map of Poland boasting traditions in basketball, cinder-track racing, and – in the context of Euro 2012 – football. All guests are cordially invited to the capital of Lower Silesia – Wrocław. It’s a truly beautiful city rich in history and magical charm!

Crazy nights in Wrocław!

Crazy nights in Wrocław

Are you in Wrocław? The day was full of excitement? You were admiring the beauty of the capital of Lower Silesia, and now you’re dreaming about a crazy night? You are in right place! Wrocław is another city, after Kraków and Warsaw, where you will meet many interesting people who like to have a great time. Pubs, clubs, discos, full of not only regulars but also tourists and visitors, will guarantee the night full of excitement. For the less demanding visitors, Wrocław offers secluded cafes, where you can drink coffee and chat with friends. In summer, the cafe gardens with the view of the City Hall appear on the market. Sitting in these gardens you can look at a mix of architectural styles as well as the busy passers-by. Atmospheric interiors, friendly service, colorful drinks – that’s Wrocław by night. Want to know the places worth recommending? No problem, just ask someone from the Moon Hostel staff and you will find out where to spend the evening!

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